In the Summer, in the City

(2019 - 2020, Hong Kong)

A controversial law, pushed intro existence by a tragic murder, leading to a city in flames. 

In June of 2019 the government of Hong Kong decided to introduce an extradition treaty in response to a brutal and tragic murder committed by a Hong Kong citizen in Taiwan. The proposed bill would allow defendants in Hong Kong to be tried and prosecuted in People's Republic of China, where the justice system is controversial and opaque. A unanimously unpopular proposition that faced criticism from businesses, legal professionals, and citizens alike, the city's Chief Executive Carrie Lam was adamant in pushing the bill through the Legislative Council, sparking widespread controversy and outrage among the citizens. In response, people took take to the streets in the thousands in protest, and the eventual police response would spark a several months-long political unrest that rocked the previously stable financial hub.


A relatively simple demand turned into an anti-government movement demanding universal suffrage, with protests often turning violent as it clashed with authorities

This was a long-term project that aims to documents the complexities and contradiction of the largest political shakeup this city has seen in decades. More work is published on and New Bloom Magazine

June 2019-2020